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Your organization may be interested in us performing, either as a men’s chorus, or a handbell choir or jointly.

Smaller Venues

The men and bells typically perform independent of one another in smaller venues like seniors’ homes, schools and correctional institutions. These concerts are 30 to 45 minutes long and are offered pro-bono, although many hosts have given us an honorarium/donation in thanks.

Ticketed Concerts and Fundraising

Ticketed concerts are typically performed jointly, are two hours in length and tickets are now $20. For those who are interested in fundraising, the Society will also direct a percentage of the gate receipts to the host in exchange for the venue, in some cases, a meal and when we’re on the road, often, a bed. Some hosts have included dinner before the concert and have assigned an appropriate upcharge as a way of increasing the funds raised. We are flexible in order to meet our hosts’ needs.

Interested in booking us?